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Whiter and Brighter

Tooth Whitening

Do you have yellow or discolored teeth? Teeth can stain for a variety of reasons, most of which pertain to our daily diets and intake. Smoking and medications can also cause stained or discolored teeth. In our office we offer a variety of solutions. Custom whitening trays are the most popular, as they are customized to your dentition and provide long lasting results. After delivery of the custom whitening trays, you simply dispense the whitening solution in the tray and then seat the tray in your mouth. We recommend whitening 30 minutes-1hr nightly until desired results are achieved! If custom trays aren’t what you are looking for not a problem, we offer Opalescence GO whitening trays that will adhere to your teeth and provide a convenient “on the go” method to whitening darkened or stained teeth.

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