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Painless and Stress-Free


Simple Extractions: At altitude dental we make every effort to avoid removal of a tooth. However, in the event the tooth is unable to be saved due to infection or restorability we are fully equipped and prepared to perform dental extractions. During your simple extraction appointment, the dentist will painlessly administer local anesthetic. After that, we carefully and comfortably remove the tooth and any infection associated with the diseased tooth. Lastly, you will leave with a set of detailed postoperative instructions pertaining to diet, home care and what to expect over the next few days after your surgery.

Surgical extractions: Sometimes, teeth break or are infected in a way that we need to manipulate the tissue and bone surrounding the tooth to successfully remove the tooth. In these cases, Dr. Rolfes administers painless local anesthetic, and once the area is completely numb, we remove the tooth and the infection associated with the diseased tooth.

Wisdom tooth extractions- Wisdom teeth often erupt between the ages of 15-25. Typically, wisdom teeth are difficult to clean which leads to tooth decay and infection. Our office is equipped to comfortably remove non-impacted wisdom teeth in a painless, efficient manner.

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